Security Features

70mm Frame Depth fits snuggly into existing timber frame rebates. No need for messy chopping out. The 70mm Logic system also has increased strength and allows for stronger galvanised steel reinforcing to be incorporated into each frame.

Internal Beading is essential as external beading will allow easy entry for burglars. What is the point of fitting a high security locking system with external beading!?

Twin-Cam Security Locking (TLS) by RotoFrank is a major breakthrough in window locking systems, offering more than double the security of industry standard products. With a single turn of the handle TSL's unique gearbox activates up to four pairs of high-strength 'mushroom' cams. Simultaneously driving each cam into a double-sided security striker from opposite directions. This double-action locking significantly enhances resistance to 'jemmying' from all directions and strengthens the window security.

Hinge Defenders fitted into the hinge side of every opener protects the hinge-side from 'jemmying'. So many suppliers forget about the hinge side but with a Bright Ideas window you get all-round security.

Toughened Glass is installed where required to meet with current glass, glazing and building standards, greatly improving all-round security.

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